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La Comida

Serving Lunch to Seniors Since 1972

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Other Resources on the Internet

The following links are other Internet resources:
Avenidas--A community-based non-profit organization located in Palo Alto that seeks to create a community that supports and celebrates older adults.  They provide a wide range of support options, information and services that enable people to stay active, maintain their independence, help their aging parents, or care for a spouse.
Sourcewise (previously Council on Aging) nonprofit organization
Since 1973, as Council on Aging Silicon Valley, we have provided services and support to seniors in Santa Clara County. We continue to support seniors and caregivers as we expand our reach to include persons with disabilities and all adults in Santa Clara County. Sourcewise, previously Council on Aging Silicon Valley, has updated our name to better reflect the expanded community we serve – all adults in Santa Clara County.  Sourcewise aims to inform, educate, and prepare all adults within Santa Clara County to better navigate their health and life options.

Second Harvest Food Bank--Community resources for persons who are hungry in Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties.
Senior Net--Provides information on computer technology and the Internet for adults 50 years and above.

Other Dining Locations
 Santa Clara Senior Nutrition Program DOWNLOAD
Santa Clara has 41 different location for Senior Dining- Each one is unique.
Call each site for details.

 Nutrition Education Resources --is a website designed for patients and healthcare providers that are interested in finding reliable information on health, nutrition, diabetes and exercise. Some resources include brief summaries and easy-to-understand tips while web links are directed to reputable sites for more in-depth information and handy tools. Visitors with special concerns can connect with others that have similar problems for support and peer assistance.