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La Comida

Serving Lunch to Seniors Since 1972

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La Comida is looking for volunteers who can help us with our mission. Please download application, complete and return to & contact site manager. 
La Comida
attn: site manager 
fax:650 328-0366 
phone 650 322-3742

see volunteer descriptions below

How You Can Help

Shop through Amazon Smile
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Follow this link or choose La Comida as your charity on Amazon! Your donation directly supports our hot meal program for seniors in our neighborhood.

Send a Check
You can help support the La Comida lunch program by making a tax-deductible donation.  Please make your check payable to La Comida and mail it to:
La Comida de California, Inc.
450 Bryant Street
Palo Alto, CA 94301
La Comida's federal tax ID number is 942170907.

Donate Online

You can also make an on-line donation here using any major credit card or your PayPal account.  

To do so, just click on the “Donate” button below.


Bequest via Wills and Living Trusts
You can also make a gift (bequest) to La Comida via your will or living trust.  If interested, La Comida recommends that you consult with your attorney.  The following is sample bequest language which you can discuss with your attorney:
            "I give $_____ to La Comida de California, a California nonprofit corporation.  La Comida de California's office is located at 450 Bryant Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301."
If you have any questions regarding gifts to La Comida, please call (650) 322-3742 or email La Comida's manager at
Volunteer Opportunities


La Comida depends on volunteers to help in the dining room with set-up, registration, hosting and serving.  The following is a list of volunteer opportunities:
Daily lunch services: Monday to Friday
-- 9:30
  - 11:00 AM : At least 2 volunteers to set up of dining room, table
setting, salad and desert.

-- 11:00 -  1:00 PM :

                   --1 or 2 hosts/hostesses to seat the seniors
                   --2 to serve lunch 
                   --2 to serve tea 
                   --2 to register seniors
                   --All to clean up

Special events and celebrations:
- Special event volunteers for decorations and designing specials
- Monthly birthdays and key holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas also
need more serving volunteers

Volunteer Coordinator/Management:
- A planning and organizing manager to recruit, coordinate, communicate and
arrange volunteer support. He or she will also provide training for
volunteers on key tasks and roles.

Year-End Special Projects:
- Volunteers to help staff or board members on special projects such as
equipment purchase, upgrade, kitchen or closet clean up.


To volunteer for any of the above please send an email to or call (650) 322-3742.