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La Comida

Serving Lunch to Seniors Since 1972

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La Comida encourages a $3.00 (as of July 1, 2012) contribution for lunch, but contributions are voluntary and private.  These funds directly support the lunch program.  All seniors who are at least age sixty are eligible for the program, as are their spouses, regardless of age.  There is no income test or other income requirement to receive meals at La Comida.  Contributions are confidential and may be made at the private deposit box.  Please use the deposit box and do not give your contribution to the person making change.  We have limited change on hand and appreciate your having the correct amount available.

Take-Home Meal Limitations
According to government rules, food served at La Comida must be eaten in the dining room.  Take-home meals are only available on a temporary basis for people who are ill and unable to come to the program.  Take-home meals are available for a period not to exceed five consecutive days.
If you have an illness that is longer than five consecutive days in duration, please see the manager for information on home-delivered meals.  For further information you may also call:
Senior Nutrition Services Meals on Wheels program at (408) 975-4860 or (408) 350-3246
Santa Clara County's Council on Aging at (800) 510-2020
Health Trust Meals on Wheels program (408) 961-9870 or (800) 505-3367